Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga

I have learned to really take care of me and do things to better myself. I am no longer doing it for anyone else; I am now doing it for me. I don't feel so stuck anymore, which is a totally euphoric feeling. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to see the person that I really am, thank you for showing me a healthier lifestyle for my mind, body and soul.

— P.C., client

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We are often told that our difficulty with food is driven by a lack of dietary knowledge. Yet only changing our diet is a short-term solution that generally adds to our frustrations with weight, with food, and with ourselves. Fortunately, there is a more holistic approach.

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Train as a Peaceful Weight Loss Professional

Interested in helping others in the Peaceful Weight Loss™ process? Train with us! The teacher training course will be held online using videoconferencing so that we may spend more time together with less cost and more convenience. The course trains yoga teachers and other yoga experienced health professionals to work one-on-one with people who are looking to lose weight and bring their physical, emotional, and spiritual self into greater alignment. This certification course will not only provide students the skills to work with others, it will be a process of doing the Peaceful Weight Loss™ work for themselves.

"The PWL teacher training was a wonderful learning experience. Brandt is a compassionate and lighthearted teacher with a knack for incorporating many elements yoga theory and philosophy into a coherent framework. The individual sessions were especially helpful for defining my needs as a student, and the group classes were a wonderful opportunity to share our experiences. The level of ongoing feedback helped me to deepen my personal yoga practice, helped me direct my teaching, and provided a sense of security as I delved into this new area of teaching. I would highly recommend this training for any yoga teacher interested in sharing Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga."

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information about the Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga Teacher Training. We will get back to you right away with certification, curriculum, format, and cost information.

The next training begins in the Winter 2014. Weekly class time will be determined according to the needs of the group.

We look forward to hearing from you - Namste!

Online Course Special


2014 Special for Transformation and Being at Peace with Food
A nine-month course in Peaceful Weightloss Experience a combination of simple yet practical diet, lifestyle, and spiritual guidelines that show the way towards a peaceful mind and a body that makes sense for each individual to make sustainable change. [more]

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